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10 Worst Foods For Your Mood

10 Worst Foods For Your Mood

This article discusses the worst foods and why unhealthy food affects your mood and mental state. Of course, indulging in some mac and cheese or munching for some chocolates is nothing wrong, but always remember whatever you eat has a direct connection with your physical and mental health as well as indeed with your mood.

As the worst foods are likely to affect your mental and physical health, your mood also directly links with what you consume. Therefore, the worst foods can make your mood go worse.

Nutritionists enough said about nutrition, food, health, lifestyle, and how it intersects with mental and physical health.

Taylor Edward, M.D focuses on disorders like stress and anxiety. He is concerned about treating mental illness caused by the worst foods because he knows how food, diet, and nutrition affect our mood and lifestyle.

Relation Between Diet and Mood

Edward, a famous psychiatrist, shared that diet and mood can be related to each other. It’s important to remember that your different food choices can affect your overall health and mental stability because food gives us all the nutrients for our health.

Let’s take an example; a chocolate bar contains minimal fiber and sugar, so our bodies burn through it very quickly; this can cause a crash and spark in our blood glucose.

Bad food leads to mood swings and more significant health problems like diabetes, tooth cavity, and other related diseases. Conversely, a healthy diet leads to a healthy lifestyle which directly affects our mental health and mood. 

The nourishment of the body depends upon the diet and supplements you take for a healthy life, which can save you from many chronic diseases, anxiety, stress, and more. 

A good and healthy diet means plenty of fiber-rich food and limits added sugar and processed foods. On the other hand, food containing a high sugar level is bad for our mood and health, as many nutritionists and psychiatrists explain.

Food is a natural source that can boost or decrease your immunity. Here are some worst foods which can affect your mood.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol has a substantial impact on your mental health. Excessive alcohol intake may cause different health problems like stress, mood swings, depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, and more. Because, after all, alcohol is a depressant. Alcohol gives you a temporary feeling of bliss, but the crash can often bring your spirit down quickly.

It’s essential to always keep in mind that alcohol is a tranquilizer that can harm your nervous system and brain. Its intake can worsen your stress, anxiety, and depression.

2. High Sugar Juices and Cocktail Mixers

Mixing your sugar juices and cocktails is not a good idea as they are loaded with sugar. They both can also cause inflammation in your guts. In addition, sugar juices and cocktail mixers can cause several diseases as their sugar level is high, which will directly affect your immune system and is the leading cause of diabetes and depression. Other health issues include anger, mood swings, anxiety, leaving your body with mental and health management issues.

3. Soda

Soda has plenty of dangers for your health as soda contains simple sugar.

  • First, this toxic drink puts you in a bad mood, even without caffeine, which causes your energy levels to go up and crash.
  • Second, diet sodas are more harmful as they do not consist of natural sugar.

Soda can affect your body in a way that it messes with your sugar level, mood, and emotions.  

Several studies have shown that people are likely to have a “Soda Belly” by consuming at least two diet sodas a day. Sugar-free sodas and energy drinks are packed with artificial preservatives and sweeteners, leaving a destructive impact on your health and can alter your mood for the worse.

The unnatural chemicals and sweeteners can affect our health with severe heart attack, diabetes, and high blood pressure. If you notice these drastic changes in your health, try to avoid these drinks.

4. Cold Cuts

Packaged meats can contain food preservatives, colorings, high levels of energy-consuming, and mood-altering nitrates. Therefore, we must avoid ham, bologna, hot dogs, and even turkey as they can cause mood swings, bloating, water retention, and headaches.

5. Salted Peanuts

Salted Peanuts contain high amounts of sodium with a food additive known as MSG, giving you a feeling of fatigue, weakness, headache, mood swings, and sometimes depression. 

Nutritionists have advised having dry nuts but avoiding salted peanuts; instead, you can have simple peanuts with raw walnuts, almonds, and other nuts, or you can have it in the form of peanut butter.

6. Margarine

Margarine has a high level of omega-6s, made from refined vegetable oil. Unfortunately, omega-6s fatty acids are problematic when it comes to your insulin level. As a result, margarine is on the list of worst food for your mood. Excessive amounts of margarine can cause instant mood swings, diabetes, and other heart diseases. 

Health consultant and Nutritionist Mikaela Reuben says, “Margarine has a great amount of processed saturated fats, which are quite different from the fat in healthy choices such as avocado, olive oil, or nuts.” On the other hand, unsalted butter and peanut butter are good sources for health, mind, and mood. It is because they contain less amount of fat and sugar. 

7. Fried Foods

Some of the worst food that can ruin your mood, health, and risk of heart diseases include fried foods, including french fries and burgers with saturated fats, refined carbs, and a high amount of salt. Snacks, cakes, and fried meat have high-level sugar and fats, which are unhealthy and cause mental health and mood swings. In addition, these foods can slow down the process of improvement of brain functions and health. 

Potato chips also contain high content of sodium which is proven to cause unwanted mood issues, including hyperactivity and depression. In addition, foods like pizza and fast food decrease serotonin levels. Instead, we should avoid fried foods and switch to a healthy diet, including fresh and green vegetables, foods having omega-3, and seafood.

8. Coffee

Coffee has a significant impact on our mood in this modern era, but it depends on how much we are consuming. It can be fantastic, but if over consumed, it can wreak havoc.

Reuben says, “When we drink coffee, our bodies generate cortisol, the primary stress hormone. Therefore, we get a peak in energy resulting in our mental and physical functioning feeling turned on. Conversely, when this spike drops, one will usually feel fatigued, with moderate energy both physically and mentally, and this drives to chronic diseases such as mood swings, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, depression, and so forth.”

9. Agave Nectar

Fructose is high in agave nectar which can directly affect your mood. In addition, it affects your metabolic activities and is not suitable for your liver with other chronic diseases such as heart problems. 

Instead of Agave nectar, we should use honey, a natural sweetener, positively improving our mood and health.

10. Bagels

Bagels, made from white grains that have no nutritional value and empty calories, and if you do not consume bagels with protein like peanut butter, it will cause a sharp spike in blood sugar and cause a crash. Instead, if you want a healthy and nutritional life with good mental health and mood, you should reach for good carbs like sweet potatoes and steel-cut oats; they are both high in satiating fiber and rich in nutrients.


Food has the power to worsen your health and mood. We have to keep our diet maintained for better health and better mood. Nutrition plays a massive role in our mood swings and dietary values. It would be best if you focused on the food that you intake. Mental illness and health issues are severe nowadays. It would be best to be energetic and powerful by taking the right food, vegetables, proteins, fibers, and other nutrients. Have home-cooked food, try to avoid the food which can cause internal damage to your health. 

Avoid fried items as they can cause significant health damage. Instead, have some fresh green vegetables, fresh meat, and natural fresh fruit juices to boost your immunity and health, along with your mood swings and cravings. 

Junk Food also harms your life and leads you to chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, anxiety, lack of energy, and disrupted sleep; these problems will make you lazy and lead to more infections. Thus, healthy foods lead you to a healthy lifestyle and happiness.

Written by HealthRadar360

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