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Best Exercises To Stay Fit And Healthy During Lockdown

Exercises During Lockdown

This article presents you with the best exercises to help you stay fit and healthy during Lockdown due to a coronavirus pandemic. Many countries are going through lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and being in shape is the best way to overcome stress and anxiety.

It is a therapy, and for some, it is a way of living, and for some, it is a part of life. Staying fit and healthy is a dream everyone has. You must have thought about how challenging it is to synchronize with an ideal image of fitness. But believe that all that hard work is worth it.

“Take Care Of Your Body It Is The Only Place You Have To Live”

Jim Rohn

Standard Squats

Fitness Expert Watkins explained squats brilliantly in one of the articles of theactivetimes. According to her, it helps in correcting foot placement and distributing weight evenly.

In general, squats help exceptionally in building muscles and burning fats from the body. In addition, they help in toning muscles of the back, abs, and almost the entire body.


In the same article, Ms. Watkins emphasized the importance of Planks. That how they help in stabilizing the upper body.

There are several kinds of planks, and each one of them has many benefits. Its type includes rocking, reverse, knee, forearm, side, and yes, the most common one, the standard plank.


Strengthening the lower body is as essential as strengthening the upper body. Lunges help in powering legs and gluteal muscles.

This unilateral exercise works exceptionally in stabilizing muscles. This stabilization promotes better coordination, balance, and alignment.

Single-Leg Deadlifts

Well, as compared to the above-mentioned exercises, which didn’t require any money, you have to spend some bucks on this one. Single-leg deadlifts require two dumbbells.

As dumbbells are usually used for strengthening upper limbs, they help stabilize lower body muscles in this workout. Those include hamstrings, gluteus maximus, and gluteus medius.

These muscles are essential for maintaining perfect equilibrium so, does the single-leg drift helps in improving muscle tone and balance.


After lower limbs, let’s discuss some workout that is beneficial for the upper limbs. First, pull-ups are beneficial in strengthening the upper limb as they help in stabilizing its various muscles. It also helps in losing weight and empowering back muscles. Stronger back muscles will eventually lead to better posture.

General Exercises

Walking, swimming and cycling are good in general as one can do them as a part of a routine or add them in life as a habit. They are also beneficial for type 2 diabetes. For this, you can check our previous article. In this blog, HealthRadar360 mentioned the meal plans and workouts that help manage blood sugar levels.

In Last we want to conduct a message. Always do exercises under professionals as they know better about the human body.

Source: Healthline

Written by HealthRadar360

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