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Best Seated Yoga Poses To Relax And Get A Good Stretch

Seated yoga poses
Seated yoga poses

In this era, when working endlessly without any rest is a new trend, physiological problems are on the rise. People hardly take some time out for workouts from their busy schedules, even for simple seated yoga poses. In the end, because of workload or overexertion, most cases end up with musculoskeletal disorders. According to the CDC, the professions at risk of musculoskeletal disorders because of over-exertion are drivers, firefighters, and frontline workers such as emergency responders and nurses.

Sometimes, such problems are just for a transit period, whereas they sometimes stay and hamper daily activity. Now, what one can do to get rid of such pain and live a life up to its fullest extent. Yes, the medications and treatment regimens are helpful, but some yoga poses specified for the specific part of the body are also a great source of comfort. 

Benefits Of Seated Yoga Poses

  • They are convenient for both experts and beginners as well. 
  • Sitting on a floor gives a perception of stability and helps to open the body. 
  • They provide an option of both the chair and mat, making yoga a convenient workout.
  • Do not require a long list of equipment.

Seated Yoga Poses For Neck And Shoulder

The neck and shoulders are a primary repository of stress among all parts of the human body. Even a minor strain can affect both the neck and shoulder. There can be many intriguing factors behind their pathologies. Some account for the sprain, pinched nerve, and arthritis. As a result, sometimes the person has to encounter excruciating pain that can hamper his daily routine also. 

Neck stretch and ear-to-shoulder rolls would be of some help in this case. Let’s have a look at these poses. 

Neck Stretch

Neck stretch, as the name reflects, typically works on the stretching of the neck muscles. It helps to loosen the postural muscles and relieve neck soreness. As a result, it helps in alleviating neck pain. 

How To Do It

  • For this, you need to take your hand behind the neck. 
  • Then pull the neck forward gently to give it a nice stretch. 
  • In the end, you are supposed to return to the starting point and let the head fall back with the support of your hand.  

Ear To Shoulder Rolls

Ear to Shoulder Rolls is one of the famous seated yoga poses that work on shoulder and neck muscles.

How To Do It

  • First, you need to sit in an upright position and straighten your spine. 
  • Leave your shoulders relaxed and then gently roll the head in a direction, either the right or the left. 
  • It is considered that the ear touches the shoulder while doing the ear-to-shoulder rolls. Therefore, the trainer suggests using one hand to push the head in the desired direction and the other hand to move the opposite shoulder in another direction. 
  • The person will bring the head back to the starting point and then continue with the opposite side.


Well, if your shoulders are unable to touch your ear, there is no need to worry. Do not put additional effort and let the time do its work as with constant practice; muscles become flexible. 

Seated Cactus Arms

Seated Cactus Arms is considered as one pose that does it all for our shoulders. Do you remember the shape of the cactus? How its arms are always straight facing the sky, same goes for this pose. 

While doing so, it acts on the rhomboid major and minor, lower trapezius, serratus anterior, and teres major muscle. Hence, it offers great comfort and stretches to the upper back, shoulder, and neck muscles.

How To Do It

  • Lift your arms, just like a cactus overhead to the sky, while seated on heels. 
  • Then exhale and bend the arm towards the sides of the body at 90. In the meantime, squeeze the shoulder blades to give the upper back and shoulders a good stretch. 
  • To return to the starting position, inhale and then repeat it for up to three breaths.

Seated Yoga Poses For Back And Spine

Are you tired of sitting at a place and using screens all day? Is this habit affecting your spine? And you have to experience a throbbing back pain? Then it’s time to add some easy workouts to ease down the pain in your back, especially the one in the lumbar area. 

Seated Side Twists

In this regard, seated side twists are one of the preferable seated yoga poses. They work remarkably on both the back and gluteal regions and relax the spine. 

How To Do It

  • The starting position for seated side twists is a cross-legged pose. 
  • You are supposed to inhale and lift one arm overhead to the sky and put it back on the mat behind, then place the other arm on the opposite knee. 
  • After finishing the basics, try to gaze over the shoulder of the arm that you placed on the mat earlier. Meanwhile, exhale and twist the body gently while holding the posture for a good 30 seconds. 

Butterfly Stretches

Women looking for a workout that can also target the groin region, inner thighs, alongside strengthening the back, can vouch for the butterfly stretches. The pose demands a tricky yet straightforward position to offer a relatively good amount of stretch.

How To Do It

  • Just start with a regular seated position, just as you do in all seated yoga poses but with a yoga block under the back and head for additional support. 
  • Bring the soles together, pressing into each other. Later, lower down your body towards the back and let the arms relax, and let yourself sink into the stretch.  


However, people with any injury in the groin region should remain extra cautious and better avoid it to evade any unfavorable circumstance.

Seated Yoga Poses For Lower Limbs

Lower limbs that endure our weight and offer mobility also need an extra thought like other body parts. They also require stretch workouts for better mobility, flexibility, and endurance, if not for now then for later stages of life. 

An interesting fact about seated yoga poses is they are more famous for lower limbs than the upper body. It is because they primarily target the legs and the hips. 

Seated Forward Bend 

It is one of the most famous seated yoga poses. Specifically among beginners, as it does not demand a great deal of strength and stamina. Moreover, it typically targets significant muscles of the lower limbs, namely, hamstrings, gluteus, and calve muscles. 

How To Do It

  • Start with a primary seated position, then outstretch the legs in your front. 
  • Bend forward while keeping the back straight and grip soles of your feet with your hands. 


If it is challenging for you to reach the soles of your feet, you can use a strap or a regular towel to bridge out the difference.

Seated Figure 4 Stretch

Seated Figure 4 stretch stabilizes the hip joint and improves its mobility while working on the gluteus muscles. 

How To Do It

  • The best part about this yoga pose is it can be performed on both the mat and the chair. One needs to bring the right ankle on the left thigh and gently press the right knee.
  • It will be followed by a slow forward bending of a torso over the right shin with a slight pressing.
  • Later, after returning to the initial position, repeat the whole procedure on the opposite side for an even result.

One-legged Forward Fold (paschimottanasana)

Our other yoga asana in the list of seated yoga poses is an incredible one-legged forward fold. Apart from stretching the muscles, it massages the internal organs and increases their circulation of blood. As a result, paschimottanasana improves digestion.

Furthermore, the Seated one-legged forward fold gives a nice stretch to the legs and sides of the body. In lower limbs, it covers the muscles from hamstrings to calves and at the sides of the body, from axilla to ribcage. 

How To Do It

  • For a Seated one-legged forward fold, the individual should extend both legs in front of him. 
  • Bend the one and bring its sole to the thigh of the opposite leg. 
  • Later, curl the torso over the legs following the elevation of the hand in the air. 
  • Try to stay in the posture, hold it for a few breaths, and then repeat the same procedure with an opposite side. 


To conclude, seated yoga poses are helpful and give a good stretch without much hustle. There are various workouts available out there targeting the needs of every individual. Either it is a torso or limbs; there are several guidelines to escort you. You need to go through each one of them and find that specific one for yourself. 

However, you also need to be careful about yourself. For instance, performing vigorous stretch workouts can damage the muscles or evoke any previous musculoskeletal injury. In addition, people having a history of chronic musculoskeletal disorder should perform it under professional guidance.

Written by HealthRadar360

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