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BNT162b2 Vaccine Has Shown Effectiveness Against New Stain

BNT162b2 vaccine
BNT162b2 vaccine

Pfizer and BioNtech vaccine have remarkable achievement in the eradication of Key mutation of the UK COVID-19 variant. BNT162b2 Vaccine is showing remarkable effectiveness against this new strain.

From the very beginning of coronavirus, scientists are making efforts to discover its vaccination. Now, when there is a ray of hope at the end of a dark tunnel in the form of vaccination, the virus has changed its shape. The sensitivity of vaccines against the new stain is among the first few questions which arose earlier in its course. 

Latest Study

Several studies are coming one after the other, proving the sensitivity of currently available COVID-19 vaccines against the mutant variant. The latest one came out just 24 hours ago, i.e., 7 Jan 2021.

The study entitled “Neutralization of N501Y mutant SARS-CoV-2 by BNT162b2 vaccine-elicited sera”. However, the research hasn’t been reviewed by peers yet. Nevertheless, the respective study showed the effectiveness of available Pfizer and BioNtech vaccines against the new variant.

The stain detected in late 2020 in the United Kingdom. The Covid-19 Genomics Consortium (Cog-UK) brought people’s attention to it using the 3-gene PCR test.

Initially, the mutant form was traceable only in the UK and SA, but now the circumstances are changing. According to the reports, it has spread to more than 30 countries of the world. So at this time, when it has become the need of an hour to stop it, the vaccine has become the mandatory option, and that too asap.

Study To Rule Out The Sensitivity Of BNT162b2 Vaccine

Although the virus has undergone several mutations and has been mutated at several points, some of them are of great significance based on their location. The most renowned one, N501Y, is present on the spike protein of COVID-19. Because of its position, it has attracted researchers as it helps the virus to bind with the host cell.

In the respective study, scientists evaluate a serum of 20 individuals. They already had a shot of the BNT162b2 vaccine 2 to 4 weeks earlier. The test carried out to find the sensitivity of vaccines for two genes N501 and Y501.

Later it ruled out that the vaccine can neutralize the N501 of the variant strain. It is stated in the document, “The ratio of the 50% neutralization GMT of the sera against the Y501 virus to that against the N501 virus was 1.46, indicating no reduction in neutralization activity against the virus bearing the Y501 spike.”

At the end of the decade, The Menachery Lab tweeted about the study. By that time, they were unable to publish it. The tweet stated, “I would prefer this in a manuscript, but given the time of year and that I’m tired, I’ll just tweet the data regarding the UK #COVID19 variant.”

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