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Coronavirus UK records a death toll of 1,162 per day

coronavirus new strain uk
coronavirus new strain uk

This week the UK sets two new records of the highest death toll and highest number of Coronavirus cases. Not only this, but the state has also announced its highest number of positive Coronavirus cases to this date.

Record Breaking Death Toll

The United Kingdom has established a two-day record of 1000+ deaths. To the surprise, the state reported its record-breaking tolls one after the other. On Wednesday, 1,041 COVID-related deaths were announced there. And on the next day, that is today, and another record-breaking stat is here. Today, 7th January 2021, the United kingdom faced 1162 new deaths. This new stat has taken the total death tally of the UK to 78,508.

The former one was listed after a long time, that is 08th April 2020. Back then, 967 deaths were listed in just 24 hours. However, the latter one seems quite fast as it just reported the day after a record-breaking day.

New Cases

Apart from the death toll, the number of cases is rising incredibly in the UK. Just today, 52,618 new cases have been reported, which have taken the stats to 2,889,419, making it the third day in a row with 50,000+ cases.

The UK experienced its highest case toll a day before today when there were more than 62,000 positive cases in a single day.


Meanwhile, the surge in cases is burdening the hospitals. According to today’s statistics, 30,731 patients are hospitalized. Out of these 30,000+ patients, 2,821 are battling for their lives on a ventilator. As a result, not only hospitals but the ambulance services are also getting overwhelmed.

On Monday, North Windland, an Ambulance Service, experienced its busiest day. The service responded to more than 5,383 cases in a single day. A similar incident happened back in March 2018, but the circumstances were quite different back then.

Most Affected Parts

Among the 4 top areas of the UK, England seems to be the most affected one. To this date, it has reported 2,497,824 cases in total. After it, Wales is the second most affected area, followed by Scotland and Northern Ireland. According to the new stats regarding the vaccine, 1,296,432 people have been vaccinated as of 3rd January 2020.

The authorities are trying to manage the deteriorating condition by taking the appropriate measures. Therefore, it is expected that in the coming days, more batches of vaccination will be there for the prioritized individuals.

Currently, the United Kingdom is battling with a new strain of COVID-19 B.1.1.7. Under the lights of facts, this variant is spreading more rapidly and can be contracted easily than the other coronavirus strain.

Source: BBC

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