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Coronavirus Origin: Recent report presented four scenarios

Coronavirus Origins

Coronavirus has killed around 3.6 million of the current world population to date. Scientists anticipated that there could be another pandemic outbreak if they do not study the Coronavirus origin. The world had already faced three different strains of the same virus family in the past. 

The correct details regarding the Coronavirus origin would prevent further transmission of the virus in the future. Furthermore, scientists showed concern that the virus might have shown a quick jump from a zoonotic host (Animal) to humans. 

Scientists’ Anticipations Before The Release Of The Report

Scientists decided to start from the root place where the virus came into notice for the first time. At the expense of International authorities, a team of researchers went to China to investigate the real causes of the pandemic outbreak. Scientists believed that the real origin of the SARS-CoV-2 is present in the suburbs of China.

Report Of The World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation shared a report regarding the Coronavirus origin. It released all possible scenarios of the Coronavirus origin. This 120 pages report highlighted that corona may or may not be an escaped virus from a Chinese laboratory. No laboratory had shared any evident record of SARS-CoV-2 strains either. Thus, the researchers did not provide evidence for lab-engineering of the virus. The chances of escape of any virus are also doubtful from a registered laboratory.

The more chances are to have a Geographic Chinese Background. It supported the hypothesis that Coronavirus originated from a bat or a penguin. The mode of transmission can be direct or through a medium. Hence, the report confirmed that this virus has a zoonotic host. The report provided the 4- scenarios for the Coronavirus origins in detail.

1. Animals To Humans- A Case Of Direct Transmission

The first origin anticipation for the virus is the direct transmission from animals to humans. Perhaps, a human received infection through a bat or penguin and became a carrier. One can anticipate that virus transmission fastened exponentially among humans eventually. WHO (World Health Organisation ) report quoted the SARS epidemic at the turn of early 2000 as its keen evidence. MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) also had associations with camels.

The report included that natives of Yunnan province, China had antibodies (immunoglobulins to combat foreign pathogens ) in their blood for the bat coronavirus. 

David Robertson, heading the viral genomics department of Glasgow University, claimed with the analysis of certain reports that bats reserved the main origin for the Coronavirus. Still, the report used the phrase ‘Possible to likely’ as there are other suppositions for the origin stories of the Coronavirus. 

2. Presence Of An Intermediary Host Between Animals And Humans

The reason to support this idea is logical. Humans do not have regular contact with bats. It is a rare case that a human came across an infected bat. That is why many scientists supported the presence of a middle host between bats and humans. They anticipated that minks or pangolins are a better fit for the transmission of viruses into humans. The idea shared the simple transmission chain too, i.e., Bats to Minks/Pangolins to humans. In other words, the virus has a broad target range. Humans are not the only pick of the virus. Now, researchers are expanding their research in this aspect as this can also be an alarming situation for other living species of the world. 

To support the intermediate host theory, WHO had taken into account several animal samples from all over China. The main focus was to test any Coronavirus strain in animals to evaluate their virus-carrying capability. Unfortunately, all such tests showed a negative result.

Virologist Rasmussen was still hopeful that one might receive full fruit results after digging for more samples in detail. The professor of infectious diseases from Georgetown University Medical Center- Daniel Lucey, supported the argument that the previous classics of the Coronavirus had more or less the same origin history. For instance, scientists had found SARS-1 in 2002, firstly in civets then in humans. So, there is a higher chance of sharing the same history with the sibling generations of the virus.

3. The Origin Associated With Frosted Food And Refrigeration

Some of the researchers had an interest in associating the virus with the frosted food. From the fact study in summer 2020, experts know about the virus’s survival ability for cold temperature. This knowledge gave rise to this supposition. Even before 2020 summers, commoners popularly believed that the virus did not stand the high temperatures. They used to keep their stuff in the sunshine and began using boiled water. These were indeed the common early practices to combat the deadly virus. Furthermore, countries near the equator had comparatively fewer scores of infected people than European countries.

Experts who supported this ideology had another supposition that this might not be a China-born virus. The virus might have come to China through imported items. After getting the favorable conditions, it began to infect people more than usual and came into notice. Hence, one can negate the suspicion that China is the only culprit for the pandemic outbreak now.

Professor Lucey did not find the reasons logical enough to verify the authenticity of this theory. He urged for the elaboration of why Wuhan became the hub for the outbreak only if it had not any ground origins for the virus already. He raised a voice that why only Wuhan got the favorable conditions when other countries are much colder than China?

Also, Rasmussen is not very sure about the particular origin story of the virus. According to her, the theory had not got a fair chance to explain the massive spread of the virus. Indeed, she is the supporter of an intermediate host; still, she didn’t reject this theory completely.

4. An Escape From Laboratory

The last but plausible supposition for the origin story is “Virus escaped from a research laboratory.” Experts presented a set of further assumptions.

  • The Chinese laboratories had intentionally engineered the strains of SARS-CoV-2 to affect the human race.
  • Some researchers got infected with the virus accidentally. 

Experts like Dr.Lucey and Rasmussen shared that one cannot forget that previous reports had mentioned ‘natural origins for the birth of the virus.’ There is ample proof that the virus is not genetically engineered.

Presently, two registered Chinese laboratories at Wuhan had permission to work on the strain of bat coronavirus. Following are the details of the two laboratories that worked upon the bat coronavirus in the past.

  • Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)

According to a video report of the local tv program, researchers analyzed the bat coronavirus strain till 2017 only. This institute itself worked with the core purpose of stopping the zoonotic transmission of the virus. So, it was out of the question to doubt for a viral escape here. 

  • Wuhan Laboratory Affiliated With Chinese Center For Disease Control And Prevention (CCDC) 

This laboratory also had some records having research upon the bat coronavirus. However, no laboratory out of the two was working around the outbreak dates of the virus in Wuhan. Therefore, it is a far-fetched supposition.

To support the latter argument (accidental leakage), Trump’s secret sources shared that some Chinese researchers had a medical appointment in the early days of the Wuhan outbreak. Although their diagnosis included seasonal cold symptoms only, the international authorities still considered the possibility of a virus leak.

Researchers’ Views Upon The Report

Tedros Adhanom- Director At WHO, said that the conclusive results had not cleared all points; rather, they have increased queries. Meanwhile, he admired the beginning of the report.

Angela Rasmussen- a virologist from Georgetown University, commented that the report has enough evidence to support some points more than the others. Similarly, Virologist Garry from Tulane University claimed that all world governments should consider this report for its authenticity. It contains ample research to make its point.

Ian Lipkin, one of the directors at Columbia University, admitted that the particular report supported the same point that scientists were anticipating already. He said that the results were not shocking at all.


The governments of 14 countries have declared that experts have not got complete access to the data and records regarding the virus’s early history and outbreak conditions. China itself has not provided the facts regarding the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China. So the joint statement of all 14 countries demands fact scrutiny of the report. However, experts are still positive regarding the present information.


There were multiple suppositions about the Coronavirus origin, ruling in the word. To dig out the real roots of the Coronavirus, a team of International Experts visited China and presented the final report.

Recently, WHO has released this report with the top 4 scenarios. The first supposition shares that Coronavirus might have a parent zoonotic transmitter, i.e., bats. The second theory supports an intermediate host between the parent transmitter and humans. The third idea shares the possibility of the virus’s birth in frozen foods. Lastly, a Chinese laboratory has leaked the virus either willfully or accidentally. This report has paved the road for further research for the experts. Meanwhile, Government Authorities are working on the factual side of the report.

Written by HealthRadar360

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