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Coronavirus Vaccines: How the U.S. And The Rest Of The World Doing?

Coronavirus Vaccine
Coronavirus Vaccine

It is not the first time that an infectious disease has taken over the world. Years ago, some serious illnesses were born in human society. However, health researchers, scientists, and doctors kept providing better solutions. This blog discusses how the US and different countries are struggling to produce coronavirus vaccines.

Currently, nature has brought humans to the same point. Everyone is responsible for their own lives. At some point, they are responsible for others’ lives as well. Yet, people have failed in preventing themselves and others from the virus. Due to that, millions of people have lost their lives.

Thus, to overcome this situation, health researchers have been exploring. They are experimenting with different vaccines for a year now. Many well-known medical universities and scientists have come up with various vaccines for Covid-19. Individuals have been asking about their turn to get vaccinated. So, are you also wondering about when you’ll get the vaccination? If that is the case, you need to read this.

Various Vaccines And Their Global Reach

As people are going through life and death situations, vaccines are becoming more important. Scientists from every corner of the world have come up with various vaccines. Among them, some vaccines are effective. In contrast, the others are a bit less effective. Besides, researchers state that it is not the vaccines that affect people differently but the immune system of people.

Currently, they have introduced various vaccines that include Sinopharm, Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, Sputnik V, Sinovac, Covexin. The vaccine with the greatest global reach up till now is Pfizer/BioNTech. On the other hand, the UK and the USA are the states with the most vaccines. They could easily invest in vaccines to develop them. So they are ahead in the queue of getting vaccines.

In contrast, other rich and developing countries that could not invest more are left behind. Perhaps, their turn will come, but it will take some time.

Coronavirus Vaccines In The USA

According to sources, the death toll in the USA has risen to 4,75,000. Therefore, the president, Joe Biden, has announced a deal. It is about purchasing two hundred million more doses of coronavirus vaccines. The vaccines include Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna. Furthermore, he stated that it would require about six hundred million doses of vaccines to fulfill the demand of each individual in the USA.

Also, sources update that there would be enough vaccines to cover every adult in America by the end of July. The vaccination requires two doses, so six hundred million vaccines would be enough for three hundred million people.

Canada Lagging Behind

Apart from the UK and US, which have got the most vaccines, other countries are lagging. Looking forward to Canada, it has got the highest number of coronavirus vaccines dose. However, it is lagging as it can not grip some of those doses due to European threats to ban supplies. Besides, the vaccines’ domestic production capacity in Canada also lacks.

If we compare Canada with the UK, the ratio is 3:21 for vaccination. For the USA and Canada, it is 14:3. Thus, up till now, there have been 21,000 deaths in Canada. Nonetheless, the Prime Minister assures that soon, there will be enough doses of Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines to save the lives of citizens.

The Struggle Of Other Countries

If we talk about other countries, Serbia has the highest number of vaccinated people. The battle of China and Russia’s influence over eastern Europe has benefitted Serbia somehow. Currently, Russia’s vaccine Sputnik V is quite rare. But Serbia possesses both; the Sputnik V of Russia and the Sinopharm vaccine of China.

However, those countries that have taken the first and second doses of Chinese Vaccines might need booster doses in the future.

Moving towards India, the country has gained enough success to produce vaccines. However, credit goes to only one man: to the Chief Executive of Serum Institute of India. He invested millions of dollars in vaccine trials and development. Due to that, at the beginning of January, the Indian government received the first dose of those vaccines.

Furthermore, the Chief Executive has been supplying those vaccines to Brazil, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Morocco as well.

Recommendations Of WHO

According to news, vaccines have failed to fight against new variants of Covid-19. WHO, World Health Organisation, recommends that individuals aging above eighteen should use the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine. Earlier in South Africa, individuals with new variants were given a small number of vaccines that did not work. However, WHO proved the success of AstraZeneca by providing evidence from the UK and Brazil.

Thus, many countries have stored these vaccines for emergency use to prevent major uncertainties. While many of those with a good economy can avail the best vaccines to prevent all types of variants of the virus. Some of those countries include the US, UK, India, and China. Indeed, they have invested a lot in vaccines.

Vaccine Supplies To Countries

At this moment, individuals have been inquiring about the procedure of delivering them to the countries. Many inquire if getting the vaccine is a matter of game between rich and poor countries, then will the poor countries get any?

In that case, WHO has led the initiatives by introducing the Covax facility. This facility benefits by delivering the covid vaccines across the world. Besides, the plus point is that those countries which can not afford vaccines will get some vaccines by a special fund. The countries that are already rich can pay for the vaccines and get desired ones.

So, considering Mr. Poonawalla’s statement, the Covax facility will be delivering the vaccines sooner. However, personal deals among countries are delaying the project. Additionally, reports update that it may be a bit difficult for the whole population of India and China to get vaccinated before the end of 2022. The reason behind it is the huge population of the countries.

However, we can hope that sooner or later, countries shall receive vaccines. Delaying or not receiving the vaccine can lead to many uncertainties.

Blood Disorder From Vaccine

According to a report, vaccination is causing a rare blood disorder in individuals. According to that report, 36 people are suffering from this disorder. That disorder is immune thrombocytopenia. Yet approximately 50,000 people have managed to live successfully by fighting against immune thrombocytopenia in the USA.

Furthermore, studies report that this disorder occurs when the immune system of an individual attacks the platelets. However, the reason for this reaction is unknown yet.


If we have a global view of vaccines, the situation is a bit off at the moment. Many countries are suffering due to their low economy. In contrast, those with good economies are struggling to get as many vaccines as possible. The most facilitated countries regarding Covid-19 vaccines are the US and UK. Possibilities are that most of their population will get the vaccination before the mid of 2022.

Furthermore, countries with low economies and high populations will have to wait longer. Reports state that it might take a year and a half to cover their population. Additionally, it is also possible that people will have to wait till 2023. Till then, studies predict that there may be an increase in the cases. Also, it can get tougher for people as new variants can be produced.

Still, it will take more than expected time to get more doses. Moreover, the variety, suppliance, and storage matter a lot. Storing these for a long time will make them less effective. Therefore, countries and governments are advised to expedite the vaccination process. In place of this, many countries have set their priorities for vaccination. So that no older person can suffer, some reports say that Covid does not have that much effect on children. It is our way to hope.

Written by HealthRadar360

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