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COVID-19: Latest updates from the developments of the Coronavirus pandemic

Latest updates from the developments of the Coronavirus pandemic

It indeed looks like everything went in an instant over the past 18 months regarding the developments of coronavirus cases. Since this pandemic came into being, everything has changed within our professional and personal lives. There is no freedom regarding traveling and social activities. There are no more frequent get-togethers. 

Even 18 months after the pandemic, we must listen to the instructions provided by the government. The safety of our family and relatives is the most important thing, and we can only ensure that by maintaining social distancing. 

So what is happening around the world affected by the coronavirus pandemic? Is the world better 18 months after the surge of this pandemic? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? This article will share the latest developments of the ongoing novel wave of coronavirus cases. 


Manipur to undergo a 10-day curfew

On 18th July 2021, the provincial government announced that Manipur, India, would undergo a 10-day curfew to overcome the rising spikes of coronavirus cases. However, the government was also aware of the citizens’ negligence, leading to increased cases. 

Their negligence is fundamental to the development of coronavirus cases in the country. Therefore, they have decided to deploy police across various spots of Manipur’s Imphal so they can catch any citizen who is not following their rules and regulations.

No spectators at Tokyo Olympics 

On 8th March, reports came that the Tokyo Olympics may be held without overseas fans. However, after the emergency, the Tokyo government had no other option but to conduct the most significant sporting festival in the world without spectators. 

After six British athletes got told to self-isolate, we can say that the decision was correct. According to the reports, they were in contact with a coronavirus case. Furthermore, two soccer players from South Africa got positive tests on their journey to the games.

Thai government imposing a stricter lockdown

The Thai government has announced that they are planning for a stricter lockdown next week to control the rise of coronavirus cases. As a result, Bangkok is expected to undergo a tighter lockdown. There is a chance of dismissing the domestic flights for a week too. In addition, a curfew will be placed in those areas that are the most affected because of coronavirus. 

Vietnam is working considerably to overcome the coronavirus spikes

The federal bodies of Vietnam are working considerably to lower down the coronavirus cases. However, the Mayor of Vietnam has issued a public statement, saying that the people should not come out of their homes without reason. 

Singapore record highest cases since last August

According to the health ministry of Singapore, there were 88 positive cases within the country on 19th July 2021. These developments in coronavirus cases may mean another lockdown in Singapore. The 88 patients in Singapore are the highest in the country since last August.


Opera sessions were conducted to treat coronavirus patients

Sinha and Patzakis were in the center of attention as they gave guidance to Sweat, a publicist, and many other coronavirus patients. Sinha told the CNN news channel that she has a complete understanding of treating the heart and lungs. 

The reason behind this is that she has had asthma since 2007. Sinha suffered from a back injury during her emergency landing. It has changed the course of her life.

38 states see the developments of coronaviruses cases by 50%

According to a study conducted by John Hopkins University, 38 states in the United States saw developments of coronavirus cases by half. Numerous medical professionals have stated that the reason behind the surge of these cases is the low vaccination rates. 

The public has completely ignored the rules and regulations imposed by CDC. The citizens are doing whatever they want, regardless of their vaccination status. According to a report from CDC, there has been an inflation in coronavirus cases. The healthcare reports estimate a rise of 10% in cases on average in the country.

The Delta Variant associated with 60% of the US cases

Around 60% of the cases in the United States are now associated with the Delta Variant. High inflation in US cases will increase further if the US government does not take significant steps. 

The WHO director-general has said that the most astonishing aspect of this new delta variant is the scorching speed at which it spreads. It is more dangerous than any of the previous variants and has severe consequences. The transmission of this variant will only increase going forward. 

US General Surgeon guarantees embodiment with the federal government

The United States General Surgeon ensured full support to the guidance presented by the federal government. However, he also expressed concern that various social media companies are breaking out misinformation regarding the impact of vaccines on the human body. As of 19th July 2021, the United States has vaccinated around 337 million US citizens.


France report above 10,000 cases for the third consecutive day

France reported around 13,000 coronavirus cases on 19th July 2021. It was the third day that the number of coronavirus cases exceeded 10,000 in this country. The delta variant of the coronavirus continues to pile up more misery for the affected countries. Its quick transmission and infectious approach are increasing the number of cases.

Italy seems to overcome the developments of coronavirus

Italy was only able to report three deaths on 19th July 2021. This figure was ten less than yesterday. The three deaths reported are the lowest in the country via coronavirus since last August. However, the infection rate doesn’t seem to go down as it is stagnant at 3127. 

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak told to self-isolate 

According to the UK government data, the country reported above 48,000 coronavirus cases and 25 deaths. Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are told to self-isolate after being in contact with the coronavirus patients. 

According to the British reports, they completely ignored the criticized plans and participated in the pilot scheme. As a result, it wouldn’t have hampered their working schedule. 

The developments of coronavirus cases came only weeks after the British PM had announced the allowance of whole crowds across all of the sporting events. So we saw packed crowds in the second week of the Wimbledon Championships. 

Britain has experienced a setback with this announcement. However, with all the chaos the delta variant has brought, it remains to be seen if the decision gets reversed or not. After all, the football leagues also start in August.

The Middle East and Africa 

Yemen to receive the second dose of coronavirus shots 

Yemen has promised massive developments in coronavirus vaccines. The African country is expected to receive the second dose of coronavirus vaccines at the end of this month. In addition, COVAX has created a global vaccine scheme that sends numerous vaccines to the middle east. 

Neil Powell is told to self-isolate

There is more bad news regarding the Tokyo Olympics. The Sevens rugby coach, Neil Powell, is positively tested for coronavirus. 

However, he will not be part of the South African staff in the year’s biggest sporting event. On the other hand, the South African soccer team reported three more positive cases. As a result, the Olympic team is hampered further. 

10 African countries experiencing problems in overcoming the developments of coronavirus cases

Apart from the positive news from Yemen, the African countries are experiencing difficulty in coping with the Delta Variant. Six reported African countries are facing a shortage of intensive care units. 

On the other hand, another ten countries are struggling to meet the demands of the oxygen supply. The deaths have increased considerably over the past few weeks. This ratio means that the most affected countries (Egypt, South Africa) are now reaching a breaking point with the medications. 

The African CDC says that the worst is yet to come as the delta variant continues to hamper human life every day. Egypt has written to the WHO about the severity of the situation. It remains to be seen whether they can maintain the oxygen level.


To conclude, no one knows if there is light at the end of the tunnel regarding the developments of coronavirus cases. However, even after the widespread destruction, the world is wondering whether we could see an end to this pandemic. 

No matter where you live, you always look back to when you used to live normally. If anything, this pandemic has shown that the necessities are the most important. With the delta variant creating problems, everyday life looks to be a distant memory.

However, what people can do is to stick to the basics. Until there is a conclusion about the end of this pandemic, we can follow the isolation rules and regulations. Family is the most valuable thing for any person, and this pandemic has shown us that. Stay safe and competent.

Written by HealthRadar360

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