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COVID-19 UK Recorded Highest Number Of Transfers And Going To Hit 100,000 Fatal Cases Soon

Covid-19 UK
Covid-19 UK

According to the worldometers, the UK is the top 5th most affected country by COVID-19 with 1,903,823 active cases. However, the USA is still the topmost affected country, with up to 25,566,789 cases and 427,635 fatalities.

While great Britain is fighting the deadly virus, it is breaking several records in terms of deaths or positive cases. Another stat is highlighting the devastating state of the hospitals due to the burden of COVID cases.

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Number Of Patients Transferred This Month

In the first half of January 2021, i.e., from 1st to 14th, there were 444 transfers of patients between NHS regions. Although 436 patients transferred in December 2020, those stats were for the whole month. In comparison, these are of just 14 days.

Back in April 2020, there were 821 transfers in the United Kingdom between the hospitals. According to the predictions, if the transfers remain on the same track as they are, Jan’21 can surpass April’20.

Cases And Casualties Till This Date

Just today, i.e., on 24 Jan 2021 UK reported 33,552 new patients and 1,348 death in total. These stats have taken the total number of cases to 3,617,459 and fatalities to 97,329. So it seems like the United Kingdom is soon going to hit its first 100,000 casualties.

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Can we predict this toll in January, or will it extend to February? Do tell us about your assumptions in our comment section. However, the cases are going down compared to the previous days when the UK marked 50,000+ cases for three days consecutively.

While considering the vaccination, approximately 5,800,000 people have received their first dosage by the 22nd of Jan 2021. In addition, the second dose has been administered to 468,617 people.


According to Express, transferring patients from one facility to another has remained a practice to provide better health care. But this time, the number of transfers and the distances are much greater. Even the patients from South East are transferring to the facilities located in North East.

Under the light of current circumstances, when the burden on hospitals and their staff increases continuously, more hospitals are reopening to provide healthcare. For instance, London’s NHS Nightingale Hospital has reopened and now treating the patients.

Director of the North of England Critical Care Network, Lesley Durham, emphasized the availability of hospital care. “Whilst not ideal, it is correct to ensure that every person, regardless of location, has access to a critical care bed if they require one.”

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