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How Ultra-processed Food Can Affect Your Health?

Ultra-processed Food
Ultra-processed Food

You have just returned home from a hectic routine. You are tired, exhausted, and drained. Left with no energy to cook a meal or even take away some food from a nearby restaurant. The only option you are left with is to grab a ready-to-make meal from your fridge or some cereals or a packet of chips. But have you ever thought about how many hazardous chemicals and calories you are engulfing?

According to some researches, the risk of cardiac issues is much higher in consumers of highly processed food. Therefore, an increased risk of a cardiac event and many other health issues can arrive with that packet. So, take a measure before it is too late.

Ultra-processed or highly processed foods are different from other foods in terms of their additives. They have a large quantity of salt, sugar, oil or fat, artificial food colors, and some preservatives. All these things definitely contribute to its enrich taste and favorable texture. Apart from the flavor, additives play a role in promoting other issues related to health in case of prolonged consumption.


First of all, let’s discuss how this highly processed food can affect one’s body. In research, it was found out that ultra-processed food can elevate weight rapidly.

The study involved 20 healthy individuals whose BMI was around 27. They were given ultra-processed and unprocessed food for alternate two weeks.

In that research, it was observed that ultra-processed food has higher calories as compared to non-processed ones. As a result, they gained weight around 0.9 kg, and well in the meantime, they lost weight during the non-processed diet.

Heart Problems

In another study, it was found that highly processed food can increase the risk of a cardiac event. In addition, it showed that the people consuming more ultra-processed food were more prone to heart issues than another group who was consuming less ultra-processed food.


In another research, scientists from the University of Navara, Spain, followed approximately 20,000 people for 10 years. The number of deaths in their tenure was something that can shake anyone to his core. On average, if there were 10 deaths among unprocessed food consumers, 16 deaths were among the consumers of ultra-processed food.

No, doubt above mention figures and statistics can leave you amazed for a moment. Give this whole article thought and think, are you honest with yourself? Are you really feeding your body the food that it deserves?

Source: BBC

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