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The Best Diets of 2021, Recommended by Dietitians

best diets of 2021

Every person in this world wishes to live a healthy life physically as well as mentally. To achieve this, you must have a balanced and nutritious diet. Eating healthy is essential for proper growth and development. It improves your sleep, concentration level, and you have more energy. It also helps to lower the risk of health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetics, or heart disease. Some of the best diets of 2021 that dietitians recommend are discussed in the article.

Dietitians advise people on what food they should eat to provide their body the nutrition that it needs. They study food and evaluate which food is the most beneficial that will promote a healthy lifestyle. So, if you have any specific goal like lose weight or manage your blood pressure, you must follow a diet plan that a registered dietitian recommends.

Every year many diets get popular among people, but only a few of them are useful. This article will provide information about the diets, and you can decide for yourself which one suits you the best.

Mediterranean Diet

This diet is one of the most rated and popular. Studies showed that people living in the countries near the mediterranean sea live longer and have fewer cancer or heart issues as compared to people from other parts of the world. This is due to a diet that has a low amount of sugar, fat, red meat, and a high amount of vegetables, nuts, and other wholesome items. This diet offers good heart and brain health, weight loss, heart and cancer prevention.

Mediterranean Diet helps you to have a good weight while avoiding chronic disease as well. It also increases cognitive functions. The basic food included in this diet are fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and grains. It is a plant-based diet. An adequate amount of poultry, eggs, and dairy are also included. However, red meat is only eaten once in a while.

  • If you wish to follow this diet you must avoid refined grains like white bread, pizza dough, and pasta. Canola and soybean should not be used.
  • High sugar items such as candies, chocolates, bakery items are a big no.
  • Similarly, fast foods and processed meats should also be avoided at all costs.

Flexitarian Diet

Following any diet seems tough as it is difficult to resist your cravings. For people who like to eat steak and fast food, a flexitarian diet is most suitable. Famous dietitian Dawn Jackson said that you don’t have to cut out meat entirely to have the complete benefits of vegetarian-based diets. You can stay on a vegetarian diet, but if the cravings kick in some time, you can consider eating a burger or diet.

The main thing is to eat more plants and less meat. This is the most flexible diet and is recommended by many dietitians around the world. It will help you to deal with your urges and let you stay on a healthy diet track. Your overall health will improve drastically. The risks of having heart disease, cancer, or diabetics will be lower. As a result, you’ll live a longer life.

In this diet, you can prepare meals that taste amazing as well, which you will certainly enjoy. It is an easy regimen to follow by anyone.

  • Flexitarian diets builts a beneficial vegetable-based diet around fiber pack fruits and grains, which keeps your stomach full.
  • It is flexible which has the most natural form of food and limited sugar.
  • Your immune system will get stronger and you will feel more energized.

Volumetrics Diet

This is one of the most useful diets for losing weight. It includes nutrient-dense foods. It is designed to fill you in low calories and reduce hunger with high water content like fruits, soups, etc. This diet intends to have a long-term lifestyle rather than a short term. It provides the energy that you need to go around the day actively.

The ingredients that are used in this diet are not exotic or expensive. So, it won’t cost you anything extra. Always make sure to pick and buy fresh fruits and vegetables. If you want to eat fish or meat, you must get low-fat fish and poultry without skin. There are many recipes for soups, pasta, and sandwiches that you can enjoy.

  • Learn to lower the density of any food. For example, use whole wheat pasta and low-fat cheese if you have any urge to eat pasta. This way, you’ll maintain a healthy diet while fulfilling your desire to enjoy cheesy pasta.
  • It’s okay to eat pancakes for breakfast but use whole wheat flour and cut down on extra butter or sugary syrup. Make smart swaps, and you’re good to go.

Dash Diet

Many people all over the world are dealing with high blood pressure. It can lead to death at a young age if not managed properly. Medicines are not a great way to keep them under control. The best way to make sure you live a long life is by maintaining your blood pressure through a diet. This diet is the best when it comes to managing and controlling your blood pressure levels.

Dietary approaches to stop hypertension or the Dash diet is designed to have lifelong health benefits and treat blood pressure issues. If you follow this diet properly, you won’t have to take medicines to lower your blood pressure level. High levels of sodium increase the blood pressure immediately. Therefore, the sole purpose of this diet is to decrease the amount of sodium intake in your body.

In this diet, the first cut back is of sodium levels. Dash diet contains a variety of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium that reduce blood pressure. In just two weeks, you’ll be able to see significant changes in your blood pressure levels. It is also recommended by many dietitians because of its various other health advantages. It prevents chances of osteoporosis, diabetes, and strokes.

  • Fruits that you can consume in dash-diet are apples, oranges, unripe bananas, apricots, and berries.
  • You can use canned vegetables but they should not contain added sodium. Buy fat-free milk, yogurt, and cheese.
  • To prepare food, you should only use vegetable-based oil such as olive oil.
  • Moreover, unsalted raw almonds, sunflower seeds, kidney beans can also be eaten.
  • Only buy lean meat and an occasional serving of pork or red meat.


To achieve anything, you must work hard. So, if you want a healthy and energized body, you must provide it with good fruit. Don’t expect good health if you plan to gore on fried food and high sodium fat. A large population is suffering from various health concerns such as heart disease. Being overweight causes fat to build up around your heart which creates many issues. So, you must encourage yourself and your family members to maintain a nutritious diet to live a healthy and energetic life.

However, without depriving yourself of tasty dishes, you can have a healthy diet plan for long life. You need to be smart about it. Consult with a nutritionist if you can’t plan out a diet by yourself. Make sure to exercise as well. Walking and running in the fresh air also helps to boost your mental health. Your mood will remain pleasant throughout the day. Additionally, get at least 30 minutes of exercise every two to three days.

Caffeinated drinks, sugary breakfast food, snacks, and desserts negatively impact your diet. Hence, you must quit the habit that leads you to eat sugar. Eat whatever you want, but it must be in a low quantity to satisfy your craving. Set realistic goals and stay motivated. Don’t strive for perfection. Slowly and steadily follow the diet plan, and eventually, you will be habitual.

Written by HealthRadar360

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