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The CDC Is Giving Advice To Prepare For Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse

In the year 2020, things have been quite different lately. Individuals have witnessed such dramatic shifts that they had not seen earlier. However, the people in previous decades went through terrifying diseases. So, the CDC states that things are unpredictable, and anything is possible. The Zombie Apocalypse has been at the top of the CDC website. The ongoing planning for it seems to go viral throughout the globe. To know more about this apocalypse, how and why experts applaud this move of CDC, please keep reading.

The Early Prediction

Sources update that Zombie Apocalypse is the prediction of a french astrologer known as Nostradamus. In the sixteenth century, he predicted that people would witness a zombie apocalypse in 2021.

As mentioned earlier, after witnessing unpredictable disasters in 2020, scientists and experts assume that anything can happen. But, the question is still there, what do they mean by anything? Would it be the final disaster for most of humanity? Or can zombies walk and live on the earth in real life?

Evolution Of Zombie Preparedness

Discussing the zombie preparedness section, CDC launched it back in 2011. The Center for Disease Control started this campaign so that inhabitants can stay prepared for any bad circumstances.

Moreover, sources state that CDC updated it during the global pandemic as the predicted year was not so far, and people were already suffering.

Why did the CDC take This Step?

Many individuals inquired what the reason behind starting the zombie apocalypse campaign was. To answer that, Dave Daigle shares his point of view briefly. He states that for decades, whenever some uncertainty is about to occur, we put messages regarding it. He further says that we do not even know if people read it or forward it without paying heed.

So, the word ‘zombie’ is somewhat unrealistic but grabs attention. We often find people curious to dive deep into such things. Moreover, zombies do not embark upon any specific hazardous situation. Instead, every situation that threatens the lives of individuals comes under the term zombies. The same safety instruction applies to every hazardous situation, either a hurricane or an earthquake. Also, Daigle states that this has been a successful step.

Why Do They Call It Zombies?

You must be wondering that the zombie apocalypse portrays some walking dead roaming on the streets. They would bite people and turn them into zombies. At last, they would take over the whole globe destroying it completely.

To make it clear and meaningful, you must know the actual story behind this scenario. Recently, the CDC stated online that it is only a joke. 

The main reason behind naming it zombie apocalypse is seeking attention.  The word zombie is quite interesting, so people become interested to comprehend more about it. It would be very helpful in taking the preparedness to another level.

Furthermore, CDC states that it started as a humorous campaign but currently the term zombie has become very effective. Also, zombie means all types of hazards which can include flood, hurricane, and tornado as well.

What Is Zombie Preparedness?

Questions arise about how to fight zombies and what weapons to use? There is no instruction like carrying shotguns, torches, or traveling during day or night. Also, you do not need to play stunts to put zombies out of your residence.

Experts denote that zombie preparedness means storing the essential things to survive hazardous situations. It includes food, drinks, and all the prescribed and essential medicines that can last for at least 72 hours. Also, they should consider the backup power sources as essential tools.  

Moreover, the CDC states that you should be prepared if any zombie bites you. This statement means that individuals might get hurt due to a severe tornado or hurricane or get some scratches. 

So, they should possess the basic medical aid box to cover their wounds. Also, they should have medicines in their homes that heal the scars.

Website Crash And Reactions

As CDC posted the Zombie Apocalypse in 2011, the website crashed apparently with 30,000 hits. Millions of people read it and started to follow that storyline. Dave Daigle informs that people started to come up with numerous questions on Twitter and other social platforms. They inquired about its reality and the ways to deal with it. To which he informed that it does not involve violence. Rather, it is an act of care for humanity.

However, Bill Gentry stated that it is a step worth appreciation. However, it does not mean that CDC should develop a vampire story that promotes vaccination later. 

Lesson From The Current Pandemic

An insight into the current pandemic situation and issues shows well how people are suffering. Many of the inhabitants went out of food and starved. In comparison, medicines became short in the beginning period of the Coronavirus.

So, it has become a lesson for many people. They assume that if something terrifying is yet to come, then you better stay prepared. Keeping into view the fact that many people have not recovered from the previous widespread. Therefore, things would get tougher.

The Lesson Plans For Teachers

With special regard to the education department, CDC has come up with downloadable posters for teachers. The posters denote zombie preparedness by saying ‘Get a kit. Make a plan. Stay prepared’. Also, it consists of a picture about zombies to make it attractive for the viewers.

Video Contest And Zombie Preparedness

CDC has formed a link between these two terms wisely. They have arranged a video contest for individuals to participate in zombie preparedness. All they require to do is choose a useful topic related to preparing against hazardous situations. Uploading videos through social platforms become the final step for participation.

Moreover, Dave Daigle updated that no outside money was used for those concerned about the wastage of government resources.

The Experts Applauding The Move

One of the well-known experts; Nelson states that people should take the apocalypse seriously and prepare for it. Additionally, people found the idea of zombie apocalypse and preparedness amusing back in 2011. After witnessing the global pandemic, anything can happen anytime sooner.

On the other hand, Sellick updates that a year back no one cared about money and savings. Whereas, currently, people wonder if they had cared earlier, many of them would have survived.

Lee Clarke who is a sociology professor says that the zombie preparedness section might seem amusing looking from the surface. There is a serious message for the viewers as zombies substitute flood or hurricane. 

Furthermore, he applauds this move of CDC by stating that Zombies are more interesting. Also, it catches the eye of the viewers.

Thus, the comments and statements of the experts have made it clear why they applaud such a move. Considering everyone’s experience, Coronavirus preparedness became very crucial. Therefore, people should start preparing already, viewing the current situation as a lesson.


Coming to an end, CDC took a very creative step to spread awareness. They have got many appraisals from the experts and viewers. Experts view this step as a wise decision and state that people should start preparing as many people to wish currently if they had prepared for the pandemic earlier by making the essential things available. Things could have been different for them.

If individuals are not concerned about themselves, they should think about their offsprings and beloved ones. Precautions are very strong weapons. If individuals get it before zombies hit them hard, it would be better. Otherwise, the next disaster might end in an uglier way. Besides, zombies do not exist in real life, but other hazards do. They would be no less harmful than the zombie apocalypse.

Written by HealthRadar360

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