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Top 10 AI Personal Trainer Apps

Top 10 AI Personal Trainer Apps

In this era of robotics and Artificial intelligence, health is also playing its cards, just like every other field out there. After robotic surgeries, clinical judgments, and automatic diagnosis AI has taken a further step ahead. It’s now working on keeping people healthy and fit. For this purpose, the technology is up with a great invention that is an AI personal trainer app. 

These apps have several advantages over a physical gym routine. They are cost-effective and save time as well. Many of us don’t know but, the pandemic has a significant part in accelerating the sales of such apps. Last year emarketer published its forecast. According to which the users of fitness apps would increase from 9.7% in 2019 to 27.2% in 2020. They estimated that the number of users would increase from 68.7 million in 2019 to 87.4 million in 2020. 

These apps have algorithms that adapt the users’ data and routine and generate personalized workout plans independently. Or you can say it’s just like having a gym in your palm.

Top 10 Al Personal Trainer Apps

Here are some of the top Al personal trainer apps that have been helping people to stay in shape for a long time. 

1- Fitbod

Our very first AI personal trainer app is set to design personalized workout programs. Its algorithms adapt the user’s training ability, past experiences, and gym equipment. This machine learning ability helps it to proceed with the goals and maximizes the effects. 

It also keeps a proper track record of sets, repetitions, and other essentials during a workout, so the user does not lose its way down the exercise. Moreover, it adapts to the progress and helps the user to push his limits. Meanwhile, it gives a chance to embellish oneself further and farther. 

2- Gymfitty

If you are the one who feels the need for a personal trainer to design your workouts, Gymfitty can suit you. That is because it has such advanced and complex algorithms that understand one’s training routine. These algorithms work to adapt the workout pattern and create the workout programs according to it.

As the app says, “no tw0o accounts look the same,” even if the two of you are doing the same workouts. It assesses the individual on many factors, naming their anatomy, fitness journey and goals, etc. Hence, via its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ability, it creates personalized and effective smart workouts. 

3- HealthifyMe

Our next AI Personal Trainer app is HealthifyMe. It is one of the world’s initial fitness apps that are providing an AI nutritionist. The virtual assistant RIA guides the individuals and answers their queries in no time. Moreover, to remove the language barrier, it replies in ten different languages. Hence, it makes communication effective and understandable for people out there. 

Moreover, you can keep a record of your lifestyle. Just a tap on your screen will tell you about your daily food and water consumption alongside the activity and footsteps. It also helps us out in health crises such as Health Blues while suggesting practical fun exercises and diet plans. 

4- Adaptiv Coach – AI Personal Trainer App

Our next AI personal Trainer app is an Adaptiv Coach. The app has both built-in AI instructors and real-life fitness trainers. Both Artificial Intelligence and personal trainers work together to maximize the benefits.

The AI collects the information from the smart devices and keeps a track record of individuals’ health. This data will then be combined with the personal data of the user. Upon analyzing the combined data, personal trainers guide the users and assign them customized workout plans. Moreover, if you lack that encouragement, their trainers are here to give you tips and techniques.

The app has a whole range of workouts. From vigorous strength training exercises to soothing Yoga Asanas, they have various plans to keep you going.

5- Yoganotch – Smart Yoga Coach

Yoganotch, an AI personal trainer app embedded with Audio Feedback Technique to instruct Yoga poses. Via its AI Audio Feedback and wearable body sensors, Yoganotch provides an experience of interactive sessions.

 Its wearable sensors reconstruct the body posture in 3D space and analyze it with the “laws of biomechanics and yoga principles.” The app interprets the analysis based on the history and body measurements. Meanwhile, it guides you to correct the body alignment via live audio technique. Henceforth, it helps individuals to maximize their strength and improve balance and mobility. Yoga enthusiasts who, despite their efforts, are unable to take some time out to join yoga classes can try this app. 

6- Spartanapps Coach

Our very next AI personal trainer app works on the algorithms that construct and build personalized workout plans. Spartanapps Coach customizes the programs while keeping an eye on your workout data, fitness level, and desired goals. The purpose of keeping an eye on progress is to modify the plans accordingly to maximize the effects. 

 Apart from its AI Coach, it has some other features too. For example, its Trackers play their part in tracking down the calories, weight, and workout history. It also has a nutrition tracker that works according to your nutrition goals and manages your weight. In addition, it tracks down the macros achieved from carbs, proteins, and fats. 

The app is offering a premium subscription for just $10, where you can access unlimited workouts.

7- FitnessAi 

FitnessAi, our next AI personal trainer app, generates personalized exercises while using Artificial intelligence. According to the developers, it optimizes 5.9 million workouts to help us achieve our goals. Based on its millions of workout plans and machine learning algorithms, it guides the users. As when they have to rest, when they need to start and adjust the difficulty level. Not only this, it adapts the workouts of users, and after every exercise, it optimizes many essentials via its AI and Machine Learning.

According to the resources, it has collected over 10 million sets, reps, and weights over the course of 10 years. In addition, it is reported that it contains the world’s largest databases.

8- Vi Trainer – Running Coach for Weight Loss

 The main focus of Vi Trainer is running, unlike all the apps that we have discussed till now. It specifically asks its users to run a certain distance to burn down the fat and curbs the calories.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning power have turned running into a practical, fun workout. It encourages its users to participate in community races. Via such mini races, they can compete with other users around the globe, that too in real-time. 

The Biosensing headphones laud the running time as you hit the road. It counts your steps and makes your fun workout more effective.

 9- Kaia Personal Trainer 

Kaia Personal Trainer has taken a step ahead and has become the world’s first virtual trainer app. The thing which differentiates it from other apps is its real-time audio feedback and AI-powered motion tracking technology. 

To benefit from both of these features, the user has to stand in front of an up-right camera, almost 7 feet away. The motion tracking sensor tracks the 16 points on the body and compares your pose with the predefined ideal posture. Upon which it gives real-time audio feedback and video instruction. All these things combined with track records of reps, sets, and past progress works to improvise the performance and encourage the user. 

10- WHOOP – Your Personal Digital Fitness And Health Coach

The last member of our top AI Personal Trainer app is a way different from all others. Since adequate sleep and relaxation have a vital role in our health, whoop monitors our sleep quality and stress levels. 

Regarding sleep, it monitors different stages of sleep and their depth. Moreover, it helps you to recover faster after sleep while focusing on four key metrics, which are as follows:

  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate variability
  • Resting heart rate 
  • Respiratory rate

Via these four matrics, the WHOOP calculates the base recovery score. Later, the AI Sleep Coach sends signals on the user’s device upon optimal recovery. 

Moving ahead, it measures the stress and the efforts one endures throughout the day. Later, it calculates the “Day Strain” and categorizes it between 0 to 21. It also studies the factors that affect one’s daily performance, such as electronic use, caffeine, meditation, etc. In the end, you can say, it focuses on smart training and brings the best out of the person.


To conclude, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are here to rescue the health sciences.

They save effort and human energy, whether in terms of robotic surgeries or AI fitness apps. These apps are indeed a savior of time and money as one doesn’t need to spend a lot of bucks on personal trainers and take time out from a hectic schedule to join a gym. 

Whether it is strenuous strength training workouts or pacifying meditation, all are just a tap away. However, each one of them is unique from the other. For example, FitBod and Gymfitty provide customized whole-body workouts, whereas Yognotch specifically focuses on Yoga Asanas. Similarly, Spartanaps Coach keeps an eye on a routine, and Kaia Personal Trainer watches every move; all are different. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say; these apps brought the gym to the home.

Written by HealthRadar360

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