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Top 12 Myths About Cancer

Myths About Cancer
Old woman with cancer is sitting in a wheelchair.

Overview of Disease

Cancer is a disease that is associated with the unusual growth of cells. These cells can spread or invade other parts of the body and disrupt normal function—a property not owned by benign tumors which do not affect the surrounding tissues. In this blog, we will discuss 12 Myths About Cancer.

There are many myths about Cancer, and such myths are well passed on from generation to generation, causing more stress and suffering than relief. A person needs to understand the major symptoms and steps of diagnosis to follow a proper cancer treatment plan. Here are 12 of the most common and widely believed myths of cancers elucidated for you.

Cancer And Myths Associated With It

  1. Cancer is a transmissible disease.
  2. The spread of cancer takes place due to surgery or biopsy.
  3. Artificial sweeteners are the main cause of cancer.
  4. Cancer can be cured with the help of cutting out sugar from the diet.
  5. It’s the end of life if you are diagnosed with cancer.
  6. Suspension of Cancer cures by government
  7. Humans are involved in creating this modern disease, Cancer.
  8. The excessive use of Smartphones can cause cancer.
  9. Cancer can be treated by consuming superfoods (cancer-fighting foods)
  10. Cancer should be cured now due to advancements in technology.
  11. Cosmetics can cause cancer.
  12. The elderly can not be treated for cancer.

Myths Demystified

There is no reality behind these myths. Keep on reading the article, and you will find out the facts about these myths.

1. Cancer Is a Transmissible Disease

It is not true. Families with a history of cancer may increase the odds for someone in the family to develop the disease, but not the specific type of cancer could be passed on. Yes, there is the slightest chance for the patient receiving an organ from a donor to contract Cancer.

Doctors also remove this possibility by ensuring that the donor has no history of Cancer. Although there are a few viruses that are considered to be the key mediator in igniting Cancer, such as HPV, they are transmissible from person to person. Still, the fact is Cancer is not an infectious disease.

2. The Spread of Cancer Takes Place Due To Surgery or Biopsy

It is one of the serious delusion. Early diagnosis is considered the best weapon in fighting against Cancer when it comes to treatment. The odds of survival are minimized when people avoid treatment and tests.

However, there is also a concept that Cancer can spread through the air or spread only to other parts of the body when punctured by any tool like needles. On the other hand, no such surgical data can support this claim that Cancer can be spread through the air or other parts of the body when punctured for diagnosis. It is the responsibility of surgeons to make sure that when they are performing surgery on a cancer patient, they ensure that Cancer cells do not spread to other parts of the body. 

3. Artificial Sweeteners are the main cause of Cancer

The fact is that the FDA approves artificial sweeteners that are not made from chemicals directly linked to causing cancer. Artificial Sweeteners are made for making the food sweet without actually using sugar and for people who have a cornic illness such as diabetes.

4. Cancer can be cured with the help of cutting out sugar from the diet

Cancer is thriving on sugar is another common misapprehension. Furthermore, cancer cannot only be cured by fixing the diet. It seems like that this myth is based on the concept of Cancer cells utilizing more glucose in the body than normal cells. Though, cutting down or reducing the amount of sugar consumed won’t affect the size of Cancer cells.

On the other hand, the consumption of high sugar products is associated with a disease known as obesity, leading to an increased risk of cancer development.

5. It’s the end of life if you are diagnosed with Cancer

Cancer to be deemed as a death sentence no way. These days complete recovery from Cancer is possible with a high survival rate growing day by day. When talking about the death rate in the USA during the last 25 years, the percent has dropped to twenty-seven percent. The survival rate for the type of Cancers like breast, prostate, and thyroid has increased to ninety percent in the last five years.

The key elements that have played a crucial role are early treatment, detection, and smoking reduction. Other factors that increase the survival rate are treatment types and the intensity of the affected area in the body. 

6. Suspension of Cancer cures by Government

There is another myth that the government uses Cancer to control the population. They do it either by making the treatment too expensive or not available for people. Although none of this is true, cancer teams are developed around the Globe to figure out ways to weaponizes humans against Cancer.

FDA is also part of such a team working in the USA. It is also the fact that every single treatment introduced to the population must carefully pass the safety test to minimize the risk of losing lives. It takes years and years to develop safe and effective medicines to cure the disease. Therefore, the development is slow.

7. Humans are involved in creating such a modern disease, Cancer

Cancer is from ages, although it is also the fact that destroying the major environment role is played by the humans. It is also true that discoveries have been made in which scientists have found out bones of dinosaurs who died due to Cancer back millions of years. In fact, in recent findings, a turtle’s ancestor was discovered, and when the two hundred forty million-year-old femur was examined, the turtle had bone Cancer and died from Cancer.

8. The excessive use of Smartphones can cause cancer

Another myth that the use of smartphones is one reason for Cancer. However, there is no such evidence available to support such claims. Mutations indeed cause cancer in the genes, but low-frequency energy emitting from the cell phone is not involved in causing mutation in genes. Many different Scientists have conduct research but couldn’t find any link of smartphones is causing Cancer.

9. Cancer can be treated by consuming superfoods (cancer-fighting foods)

People believe that eating healthy or superfood will help them recover from Cancer, well this is not true. Although it may improve your immune system and the way you feel. Eating raw vegetables and fruits is one good option to enhance your lifestyle and keep you healthy as it prevents you from diseases like obesity and other risk factors which could lead to Cancer. These superfoods do not have superpowers that could magically help you recover from Cancer.

10. Cancer should be cured now due to advancements in technology

A mutation is the main cause behind Cancer, and it is quite complicated. The word Cancer describes more than a hundred related diseases, and all of them have different properties from one and other.

Additionally, the cells keep on transforming throughout the sickness, making it harder to examine. Significant advances have been made in the analysis and therapy of disease. However, there is still a lot to learn, and research will still determine the main cause of cancer and its cure.

11. Cosmetics can cause Cancer

The most common misapprehension is about deodorant people think that it is associated with causing breast Cancer when applied on arms that are closed to the sensitive tissue of the breast. Even other beauty products containing chemicals are also considered the cause of Cancer, which is also not true. There is no evidence available yet, proving that these chemicals are involved in causing cancer. There is another misconception that hair drys are also the major cause of Cancer; no evidence is available for this myth.

12. The Elderly can not be treated for cancer

When it comes to treatment, there is no specific age limit. No one can be denied to get treatment as it depends on the advancement and type of cancer and the ability of the person to withstand the treatment and its harshness. There are many examples present where people in their 90’s were diagnosed with Cancer and were treated and recovered.

When it comes to treatment, it is the physician’s job to study all the previous and medical conditions with the current status of health and lifestyle, to begin with, the treatment. However, the physician can change or modify the therapy dose according to how the patient responds to the treatment.


To conclude, there are a few common myths found in our society, and people do react to them without even doing their research or consulting with any specialist, which is a common mistake. That results in them ending up in a hospital with a serious condition with minimum or zero chance to recover, causing them and their families to suffer a lot. It’s better not to believe in such myths.

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