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Top 4 Healthy Breakfast Foods For Daily Routine

healthy breakfast
Healthy breakfast. Bowl of yogurt with granola and berries

Many dieticians use to recommend a healthy breakfast for a healthy and energetic day. Yeah, we know making breakfasts can be difficult and slothful. Don’t worry people HealthRadar360 is here to introduce some healthy breakfast foods which are good to go your daily routine.


Eggs, a full of protein regime has lots of other vitamins and minerals. It is a hub of Vitamin D, which is essential for calcification of bones and keeping them strong. An egg has an around 44 IU of Vitamin D, which is no doubt, can be a major chunk of our daily intake of Cholecalciferol.

Boiled Eggs

Being a delicious savory egg can be modified as per choice. Though it is a poached egg, egg benedict or a simple omelet, its every item has its own place and its own benefits. Whether it is fried or simmered in vinegar water it has the nutrient quality to make your day.


Incredibly nutritious and full of fibers, oats are the must item on one’s breakfast table. The rich amount of fiber in it can give a feeling of fuller stomach. Hence, it helps in avoiding unnecessary snacking and via it, oats reduce obesity – host of several other diseases.


Oats keep the cholesterol level especially the Low-Density Lipoprotein – LDL in control to prevent heart diseases.


The creamy texture and rich flavour, the core quality of a smoothie. Smoothies have always secured that favourite place in every food lover’s heart. Despite the fact that they are beneficial to reduce weight, almost everyone loves to enjoy them as a breakfast regime.


And why not, when you are getting your favourite fruits blended in a glass with lot of yoghurt who would deny it?

Smoothie left you with a full stomach and that too with a great taste on your taste buds. So, what else you want to satisfy your cravings with lots of nutrition and vitamins.

Wheat Sourdough

Bread, an essential part of breakfast but when it comes to dieting is that much of carb good for one’s health? As a substitute, there are several other deliciouries to calm one’s cravings for healthy and tasty food.

Wheat Sourdough

Wheat Sourdough is one of them. The savory is good to go alone or with some almond butter on top. To cherish your experience one can add some fruits or if your dietician is allowing you, you can add some nuts of your choice.

Hope you like our list of healthy breakfast foods. Don’t forget to give us your valuable feedback.

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Written by HealthRadar360

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