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The U.S. Reported 3,054 Deaths from Coronavirus with Highest 1-Day Total To Date

coronavirus united states
coronavirus united states

The U.S. is one of the most affected countries by Coronavirus. It has recently broken another record of the highest death toll. On 9 Dec 2020, the US reported 3,054 deaths which are the highest 1-Day total to date. The last highest death toll was 2,769, approximately seven months back on May 7.

The COVID Tracking Project further elaborates the situation in its tweet. Same day 1.8 million (1,800,000) tests were conducted; out of them, 210,000 came out positive. Sadly by 9 Dec, 106,688 people were striving for their lives in the hospitals.

California has also faced the highest case toll to date. According to the new statistics, the Golden State has promulgated 30,851 new cases. In total, 252,296 tests were performed; out of them, 30k+ came out as positive. Currently, it has 11,965 hospitalized patients in its territory. A few days back, CA hit its highest case count on 6th December. It hasn’t been a week, and it has already announced another highest case toll.

CA and other regions of the United States are also having an increased surge of COVID cases. The 7-Day average of Northeast and West has risen to 688 and 644, respectively. Previously Midwest recorded 919 positives per million people.

For the last seven days, the USA has been facing a continuous rise in cases. Unfortunately, on 9 Dec 2020, Wednesday, the country reported the spike, which was far greater than the former ones. The 7-Day average of the United States was 204,356 cases out of 1,825,288 COVID tests. The average death toll of the last seven days was around 2,276.

According to the worldometers, the U.S. has reported 16,196,817 Coronavirus cases to date. Lamentably, out of these 16.1 million people, 301,866 have lost their lives in their battle against Coronavirus. But the most salutary part is that 9,393,559 have won against the deadly virus.

This sudden rise in cases, record-breaking stats, and hospitalizations are definitely alarming. All these things are enough to drive one’s attention to the possible outcomes of this whole scenario and measures the authorities can take to stop the spread of this deadly virus.

The continuous rise in deaths is the most grotesque view of COVID-19 irrespective of the nation. Scientists from different parts of the world are racing against the time to find the cure. It seems like they are somewhat succeeding in their efforts. Hopefully, soon the world will win against the COVID. Especially after the remarkable approach of Pfizer to the COVID-19 vaccination, we can see the ray of hope.

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